Coping with nerves about dental treatment


Here at UK Dental Specialists, we work with all our patients to ensure that they get the best possible treatment that delivers great results. We understand that people sometimes feel nervous about getting treatment and do all we can to help our patients feel relaxed and calm whether they are getting a filling, root canal treatment or dental implants. As a dentist in St. Albans, we take our caring role very seriously and aim to make every experience as positive as possible.

This is a guide for anyone who needs to get treatment from our dentist in St. Albans, but for whom anxiety is an issue. We offer practical tips on how to feel calm prior to the appointment, and on how nerves can be settled during the treatment too.

Talk to us

As a dentist in St. Albans, we do not offer any treatment without giving our patients an examination to ascertain the condition of their teeth and gums and to discuss the difficulties they might have been having. This is an opportunity for the patient to tell us about the fact that they feel nervous about getting treatment and to ask us questions about what will happen.

Getting all the details about what the treatment involves can be immensely helpful in reducing anxiety. Many people feel worried about having dental work done because of fear of the unknown. Having all the relevant information to hand, as well as assurances from us that we will do everything we can to help the patient to feel calm, can be very helpful preparation.

Time the appointment well

If the patient is feeling unsure about having treatment due to being nervous, then the timing of the appointment is important. Booking a slot that is as early in the morning as possible is a good idea as it means that the patient does not have a whole day in which to allow anxiety to build. Instead, they get their treatment at the start of the day when they are feeling relatively calm after a night’s sleep. This can be a very useful means of mitigating any concerns.

Learn deep breathing

Deep breathing for relaxation is easy to learn and can have an instant effect both before the appointment and while in the surgery. One such technique is box breathing, whereby the patient exhales for a count of four to empty the lungs, breathes in for four, holds that breath for four then exhales for four. It is a good idea to practise this until it becomes easy and natural. This technique can then become a very efficient tool at mitigating anxiety prior to treatment and in any other challenging situation.

Ask us about sedation

We provide local anaesthetic which numbs the mouth, thus ensuring that the patient does not feel anything during treatment. As well as this, we can also provide conscious sedation.  This is a means of helping the nervous patient to feel relaxed whilst still being awake for the duration of the treatment. It can be a great practical tool that we are happy to provide for any patient who needs it.