Harness the true potential of your smile through a trusted dentist in St Albans


Cutting edge innovation

Here at UK Dental Specialists, for over 9 years we have been providing the residents of St Albans with the highest degree of professionalism and bespoke private dental care. Known formally as Chiswell Green Specialist Dental Centre, (aptly named as our practice is located in Chiswell Green, St Albans), we only provide our patients with the absolute best, innovative methodologies and techniques to help them achieve the smile of their dreams. We are a dentist in St Albans who – along with our collective decades of first-hand, in-the-field dentistry and expertise – continually make use of new and emerging technologies, and boast some of the most advanced dental equipment and techniques available on the scene today. Anyone who is looking to improve or refine their smiles, address any superficial or structural misalignment, or to rectify any other dental related issues, need only call upon our dentist in St Albans to help unlock the true power of their smiles and allow their confidence to blossom.

Discreet dental alignment

One of the most universally sought out methods of cosmetic dentistry which we are proud to provide our patients with, here at UK Dental Specialists, is the creation, installation and monitoring of the Invisalign retainer system of teeth alignment.

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the number of new patients who are opting for this method of dental realignment, favouring it over more conventional and less discreet methods. We are a dentist in St Albans who has openly embraced this shift in perceptions, and we are happy to offer consultations to anyone who may be interested in seeking out Invisalign dental realignment through our expert, qualified specialists.

For anyone who may be unaware, the Invisalign retainer method is an alternative form of orthodontics to traditional fused braces. Where braces are fixed in place using brackets and are typically connected through wires, Invisalign uses a flexible and comfortable dental retainer in its place. This retainer is made to perfectly match the shape and size of each patient’s dental structure, as it is formed using an advanced 3D digital rendering of the inside of the patient’s mouth. Once it is made, this transparent plastic, removable retainer is given to the patient to take home and be worn throughout the day for the course of treatment. As the retainer is made to perfectly cover the patient’s teeth, and is see-through, when you wear your retainer it is almost completely impossible to detect to the untrained eye. Thus, patients can enjoy all the luxuries afforded to those who are not undertaking dental realignment, whilst still achieving a straighter smile.

Dental implant procedures

For patients who are missing one or more teeth, we also offer dental implants. These are the ideal option to permanently address any gaps within your mouth – which may be the cause of a great deal of both social anxiety and poor oral health. Unlike other treatments which are designed to address missing teeth, such as bridges or dental crowns, implants act in a permanent way by bonding within the patient’s jawbone and solving the problem at its ‘root’. Installing implants requires a brief and entirely safe operation, whereby the root is embedded into the patient’s jawbone, after the patient has undergone an initial assessment or consultation. The results of dental implants look and feel almost completely identical to natural teeth, and enable those who need them to smile without any cause for fear or embarrassment – just like everyone should be able to.