How Invisalign could improve your dental health


Invisalign St Albans consists of a set of clear, transparent aligners that work in a similar fashion to traditional braces. Invisalign, like traditional braces, work towards shifting the teeth to a better position, both visually and healthwise. This orthodontic treatment includes the ability to remove the aligners when necessary. The Invisalign aligner allows you to straighten your teeth in a discreet manner without needing to wear visible metal brackets. Invisalign aims to slowly position and move the teeth to the patient’s desired aesthetics. The clear sets of aligners do not require metal wires and the aligner is formed in a way that is designed to fit the patient’s teeth exactly. We at UK Dental Specialists aim to ensure that the aligners are precise in their sizing and therefore comfortable for the user. If you are considering Invisalign St Albans feel free to book an appointment with our dental practice in St Albans.

How does the Invisalign treatment work?

At the initial stage of the treatment our dentist will ensure they take photos and X-rays along with digital scans and dental impressions. These will help create a 3D treatment plan and will be sent to the maker of the aligners to preserve and develop the stages of the treatment process. From this 3D treatment plan an individual will be able to see the final result of how the teeth will most likely look post treatment. This treatment plan is designed to create the custom-made, clear aligners. It is also a vital step to give a prediction of the likely duration  of the treatment. The aligners that are created are then sent off to the dental practice. The manufactured, custom-made aligner sets will then be given to the patient. Most commonly they are given 3-4 at a time, this is to ensure that the individual is regularly changing their aligners  which will be done at home, typically around every 2 weeks. The Invisalign treatment requires regular check-ups with our dentist every 6-8 weeks. This is done to examine the progress the teeth have made from the outset.

Once a patient has achieved the look they want from the Invisalign treatment it is highly recommended to use retainers to help guide and ensure that the final position of the teeth is kept correctly, without any reversion.

Benefits of the Invisalign treatment

Invisalign St Albans has many life benefits in terms of physical and emotional advantages. These benefits help an individual in their everyday life.

Unnoticeable appearance

Since Invisalign clear aligners are transparent they do not cause any attention drawn to an individual’s face or smile. This is a huge benefit for those who do not want an association with traditional metal brackets and wires. It is also beneficial to those who have metal allergies, as clear aligners do not require metal to be secured.

Less time consuming

When proceeding with the Invisalign treatment less time is spent at the dental practice, as progress with the clear aligners only needs to be checked every 6-8 weeks.