How to overcome the fear of the dentist


Some people feel very nervous about the idea of visiting the dentist in St Albans. This fear can cause them to avoid making an appointment and simply steer clear of getting any dental check-ups. However, here at UK Dental Specialists, we are keen to help all our patients to overcome any nervousness and achieve the best possible oral health.

Why regular check-ups are important

Having regular check-ups with the dentist in St Albans allows the patient to keep the teeth and gums clean with a little professional help. Visiting with some frequency means that we can identify any issues before they become problematic. Maintaining good oral health has a positive impact on both general health and a person’s self-confidence.

Choose the dentist with care

The patient should opt for a dentist in St Albans with whom they have a rapport. They should be able to talk openly about any concerns and feel confident that they will be supported and encouraged by their dental professionals. No one should be afraid to opt for a different dentist if the one they have chosen doesn’t feel quite right.

Talk to us

We are experienced at dealing with patients who feel nervous about coming to visit us and are happy to discuss any worries. We can discuss any specific details that are on the patient’s mind and help them to feel more confident about visiting us.

We do this in two main ways. Firstly, we explain what exactly is involved in any check-up or treatment from start to finish. This allows the patient to be fully informed about what is going to happen before they start and means they can question us if they need any further detail. Secondly, we offer assurance of the comfort of the patient. People are often worried about being in pain, and we can explain how we do everything possible to ensure that their experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


When a person feels nervous, their breathing often becomes shallow. Making a conscious effort to breathe slowly and deeply can help the patient to feel much calmer. Doing this at home before setting off to visit the dentist can make the journey easier. Practising deep breathing in the waiting room before the appointment can also help the patient to feel more grounded and at ease with the situation.

Make an early appointment

Some of our more nervous patients have found that being booked in later in the day means that they have more time to worry about it. Making an early morning appointment allows the patient to get that check-up or treatment out of the way before they have had a chance to become anxious about it

Ask about sedation

We can offer sedation for patients who are especially concerned about having treatment. This is something that is discussed and considered on an individual basis, but it often allows the patient to completely relax and overcome any issues they may have with their visit.