Is invisalign in St Albans right for you?


If you are an individual who is suffering from the appearance of misaligned, and disorganised teeth but don’t want to endure obvious metal orthodontic work, then the answer could be yes! Invisalign in St Albans serves as the modern alternative to traditional braces, producing over four million happy smiles on a global scale, whilst looking fantastic. But how do invisalign in St Albans work to produce a straighter, and happier smile for our patients?

How do Invisalign clear aligners work?

Invisalign could easily be argued as the largest provider of clear aligner appliances on a worldwide basis, which is why we trust them to provide our patients’ with effective dental results. Despite their undeniably popular nature however, many of our patients’ may still be feeling unsure regarding what to expect from their treatment process at our clinic.

Taking the first step towards your dream smile..

At our surgery situated within the heart of St Albans we take huge pride in delivering a superior standard of care for every patient we treat. This level of service does not exclude Invisalign, which is why we offer the latest scanning technology to allow for both a fast and pain-free impression experience. Furthermore, we also offer our patients’ a flexible 0% finance payment plan option which makes for both an affordable and interest free alternative! Lastly, we also provide our patients with retainers to be worn post-treatment in order to maintain the appearance of their new straight smile.

Take a glimpse at your potential smile..

Within the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we understand it may be difficult to find time to schedule a dental consultation. At our clinic we strive to embrace convenience with every treatment we offer, which is why we provide our patients with a ‘SmileView Experience’ on both our modern, and therefore easily-accessible website. This online viewing experience allows our patients to take a look at their potential post-treatment smile without having to pay our clinic a visit.

So.. What happens next?

After sending a member of our experienced dental team a photo of your pre-treatment smile (or a ‘smile selfie’) we also ask our patients’ to outline the dental goals they wish to achieve, whilst discussing their smile plan with our team of experts.

What makes Invisalign clear aligners so unique?

Invisalign clear aligners answer the demand for subtle orthodontic appliances within the modern world of dentistry. To expand, many patients’ are now reluctant to receive obvious metal dental orthadontics (especially as adults) which is why our clinic chooses to accommodate the need for more discrete orthodontic work. Invisalign clear aligners serve as the modern alternative to fixed metal braces, whilst avoiding the unpleasant experience of metal brackets and wires during the treatment process. In addition, clear aligners are custom-made which makes for a more comfortable straightening experience, whilst promoting convenience with their removable nature.

How do I maintain my post-treatment smile?

After finishing the Invisalign process, many of our patients’ may be curious as to how to maintain their post-treatment results. At our clinic, we include a retainer within the payment plan to ensure ultimate peace of mind for our patients’, making it even easier to maintain their happier smile.