Tooth loss and why dental implants St Albans are a fantastic solution


The impact of tooth loss

When an adult tooth falls out whether through accidental damage or a series of ongoing dental problems, the impact on the surrounding teeth and gums is often underestimated. WIth tooth loss a series of knock on effects can occur including the surrounding teeth becoming unstable and slanting into the area where the missing tooth or teeth have occurred. Or if the area is left without a tooth for some time the jawbone can begin to recede leaving a gaunt and sunken appearance to the face. Luckily whilst the dental world continues to teach patients the importance of dental care and an effective oral hygiene routine, the technology behind dental treatments and procedures also continues to develop and improve. This is where dental implants St Albans come in at our practice, UK Dental Specialists.

What are they?

Dental implants St Albans are small titanium screws or posts which are inserted into the jawbone as a stable pillar for a restored or replenished tooth. By having the post drilled into the jawbone it stimulates new bone growth in the surrounding area ensuring that a healthy appearance to the area remains in place, along with providing a stable base for the tooth. This particular restorative procedure enables both a single tooth and multiple teeth to be restored and secured firmly in place without fear of any dental work falling out during speech or times of food consumption.

Why dental implants may not be suitable for you

Whilst our dental team will always do their best to work with you on different treatments in some cases where the jawbone is not sufficient in depth the implant option may become less likely and an alternative tooth restoration method may need to be used. However, in some cases it is possible to use a fragment of the cheekbone and first attach that to the jawbone before inserting the titanium post. This option will always be discussed beforehand though as it will be a more in-depth procedure and may take a couple more appointments to achieve the end result.

How long will the treatment last?

Whilst the titanium material used for dental implants St Albans is sturdy and strong there are many factors which can affect the longevity of the treatment. For those who do not suffer from any complications or other health problems the implants can be healthily in place for several decades before requiring any work to be carried out. However, whilst we all hope that this remains the case for all our patients, in some cases unforeseen complications or other outside elements can impact this and therefore there is no lifetime guarantee on any treatments or procedures offered. Despite this, dental implants are still one of the most efficient and effective methods of tooth replacement for our patients, both younger and older and they remain one of the most popular methods.

Please take note that all dental treatments and procedures carry potential risks and it is therefore advised that all patients seek further information and advice from our dental team on any mentioned within this article before undergoing a treatment or procedure.