Why choose UK Dental Specialists for your Invisalign treatment plan?


The easy availability of teeth-straightening treatments including Invisalign St Albans have changed the way we see ourselves. At UK Dental Specialists we have found that more and more patients are looking into how Invisalign St Albans can transform the smiles they would rather hide into smiles that can light up their world and that of others.

It is important for patients interested in Invisalign St Albans to take the time to choose the dental practitioner that will supervise the treatment plan carefully. Our dental practitioners have the relevant training in the Invisalign system to give our patients a reliable orthodontic treatment plan and quality dental care.

The UK Dental Specialists, offering Invisalign treatments with a difference

Some dental clinics take greater care in providing a higher level of service and we at UK Dental Specialists like to think we are part of this group. We do this by ensuring our patients receive the benefit of caring dental practitioners who have the appropriate qualifications and training for each of the dental services we provide. For Invisalign, patients can expect the following benefits to be included.

Advanced scanning technology

Equipment and technologies are continuously improving with faster, more advanced and effective methods replacing older ones and in the dental industry, it is no different. One such technology is the scanning equipment used in the diagnosis of a patient’s needs. We rely on the latest technologies available to give our dental practitioners a more in-depth look at mouth structures and our patients receive a streamlined and smooth treatment process. Furthermore with newer technologies, much of the discomfort associated with older scanning equipment is avoided.

Interest free payments

Next to quality dental care, patients prioritise affordability. Our dental practitioners at UK Dental Specialists have looked at how we could accommodate this need which is why we offer 0% finance and interest free plans, so that our patients can afford to straighten their teeth and enjoy a healthier mouth and smile.

The inclusion of Vivera retainers

Dental practitioners have discovered that even once teeth have been straightened, in some cases they can move out of alignment again once the Invisalign trays or dental braces are removed. This means that for some patients they will need to wear retainers once their orthodontic treatment has been completed. Our Invisalign patients receive Vivera retainers as part of their treatment plan.

Personalised orthodontic treatment plan

Each patient’s needs and situation is different and one orthodontic treatment plan will not suit all patients. To ensure a patient benefits from orthodontic treatment, we tailor treatment plans that cater to individual needs.

Dental care provided by experienced dental practitioners

Our patients can take comfort in the fact that our dental practitioners have extensive knowledge and experience in treating patients using the Invisalign system.

If you have looked at the perfectly aligned teeth of professional models and actors with envy, know now that you too can achieve a brilliant smile. Contact us at UK Dental Specialists to have our Invisalign-qualified dental practitioner assess your individual needs. We are happy to tailor a personalised orthodontic plan to give you a smile you can be proud to show off.