A brief look at what dental implants can do for you


Losing a tooth or a number of teeth is always an experience none of us wishes to have to go through, as it is always a painful episode that will leave a lasting change to a mouth. It may also cause someone to have to change some of the aspects of the way they use their mouth. It is very common for people who have lost teeth to make changes to their eating habits, as they may feel they can no longer cope with eating tougher foods, such as steak. They might also start to avoid smiling at times if they have lost teeth at the front of the mouth.

Many people seek to replace their missing teeth through devices such as bridges and dentures, but these are not the perfect solution that people are looking for and can prove problematic for some of those using them. People who have lost a tooth or a number of teeth, are looking for a fixed-in-place permanent solution, wherever possible, when they are looking to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants St Albans, could be the solution for many people who have missing teeth, as implants can give them a permanent answer that is strong enough to last a lifetime of daily use.

The treatment process

Dental implants St Albans, have been created to be inserted into the jawbone of a patient, in order to look and feel just as natural as the tooth, or teeth, that are being replaced. The following is a brief outline of the treatment process we use at UK Dental Specialists and is a description of one tooth being replaced, this procedure may differ in cases where more than one tooth is being replaced by our team.

First, a titanium screw is placed into the jawbone of our patient, this is used to form a strong and sturdy base for the replacement tooth to sit on top of and be held in place securely. The tooth itself is created from a ceramic crown, making it extremely hard-wearing and should never need replacing if cared for correctly.

The replacement tooth will be shaped and coloured by us to allow it to blend in with any teeth that remain within the area of the mouth the new tooth is being inserted into. Once the new tooth is inserted it can be used in the same way as a natural tooth, we also hope that after a period of use the patient will not be able to see the difference between the replacement and their natural teeth.

Building back better

Once a patient has received their dental implants St Albans from us they will be pleasantly surprised by the difference that this treatment can make to the way they use their mouth. Those who have made changes in their eating habits as a way to avoid tougher foods may quickly find that they no longer have to consider this as a factor in daily life.

As for those who decided to avoid smiling due to the fact they had lost teeth at the front of the mouth, this may be the treatment that gives them their smiles back in the way they know and love.

At UK Dental Specialists we offer a wide range of dental treatments, including basic hygiene procedures, check-ups, and specialist areas such as implantation and endodontics.