A dentist in St Albans is here to help


There are many different procedures that a dentist in St Albans will be able to offer you if you are experiencing any kind of discomfort with your teeth or mouth. Ideally, you should feel able to come in and visit us regularly so that you do not need emergency, restorative treatments, but we don’t judge you if that isn’t the case. You are always welcome to see us and we will do what we can to get your smile looking and feeling great.

Initially, we will need to inspect your mouth so that we can ascertain the cause of your discomfort. X-rays and scans may be necessary to find out the extent of any damage so that we can restore your teeth in the best possible way.

We know that tooth pain can be agonising. When it hits, there is not much else you can think about, and relief is foremost in your mind. We can quickly find the source of your pain and work out the best solution for you. You may require a filling if you have a cavity in your tooth. Or the solution to more severe tooth pain could be a root canal treatment, which is a straightforward and healing procedure.

Root canal therapy is a surgical treatment that removes dead and infected tissue from a damaged tooth. Our dentist in St Albans will first need to clean away the pulp inside the tooth structure which will create an empty shell. You will need to have a root canal when the pulp inside your tooth, which consists of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves, becomes infected or damaged.

Our dentist in St Albans will be able to determine if you need to have a root canal. Here are some factors that you might use to determine for yourself whether you might need to have this treatment done.

Do you have severe tooth pain?

An obvious sign of something wrong and that you may need root canal therapy is when you experience a severe toothache. A toothache is often an indication that there is an issue, sometimes with the root of your tooth.

We will examine your teeth for inflammation and if we see anything concerning, we may suggest that a root canal treatment is the appropriate means by which to relieve your pain and save your tooth.

Other factors to consider

If you have a discoloured tooth that is darkening then this too could be a sign of infection or the result of your entire tooth dying. If your tooth has discoloured and this is coupled with pain, then it is important that you come in and see us so that we can help to rectify the situation.

A toothache is often a sign of something wrong. You should never have to put up with tooth pain when relief is simply a phone call away. The faster that you decide to confront that niggling pain, the more chance we have of restoring that tooth. Visit our dental practice to find out more information about having a fully functional smile again.