Can the body reject dental implants?


You may already have taken the plunge and had your dental implants fitted, but are worrying about what could happen if they don’t take properly. Or maybe it’s that you’re thinking about opting for dental implants St.Albans as a form of tooth restoration, but are worried about the chances of rejection, if so then this blog is for you.

Dental implants St.Albans

Dental implants are titanium fittings that are fixed to the bone and used as an anchor for tooth crowns to be fitted to. They are the only form of restoration that supports the regeneration of bone development and are fully functioning and long lasting as a tooth replacement. So we’re sure you can see why so many of our patients at UK Dental Specialists are opting for them.

What can impact the success of dental implants St.Albans?

If you want implants to be successful then the health of your gums is really crucial. It’s very common for people who have lost teeth, to have lost them due to gum disease and so it’s key to note that we won’t perform any dental implant surgery on anyone we even slightly suspect to have gum disease. And what’s more, we take pride in making sure patients have all the steps in place to keep gum disease away once they have cured it. Gum disease will lead to implant failure and will cause the implant to be rejected and fall out. It’s a common misconception that because implants are false teeth that they won’t be affected by decay or disease – this is incorrect.

We don’t need to remind you of all the negative health issues that come with smoking and actually we want to support all our patients with empathy and understanding when it comes to giving up. Smoking is an addiction and we really do understand the difficulty in stopping. Now being a smoker doesn’t automatically remove you from any chance of having dental implants, but it does highly increase the risk of failure and rejection. The rate of failure for smokers is much higher, with as many as 20% of cases failing. So if you’re investing in implants, stopping could be a great idea.

For any dental implant surgery to be successful it’s very important that the foundations are there and supported. If patients don’t have enough healthy jawbone then the implant won’t fix correctly into it. For some patients to ensure there is enough healthy bone it will mean a bone graft procedure taking place before the dental implant surgery.

Preparing for success

All this being said, at our practice we are proud to offer expert dental practitioners with a wealth of experience and all the latest technology. We pride ourselves on our exemplary patient care and are ready to give you all the information and preparation needed before you opt for dental implant surgery. We will work with you taking X-rays and giving a full assessment prior to any procedure, to help make sure we’ve done everything we can to avoid dental implant failure or rejection.