Come to UK Dental Specialists for a specialist dentist in St Albans


Looking for specialist dental treatments and services? If so then look no further than UK Dental Specialists, where we offer a wide range of particular treatments and services to our patients.

What services do we provide?

At our dentist in St Albans we offer a wide range of more complex procedures to our patients and we also take on patients that get referred to us for specialist treatment. Due to our high levels of excellence and quality standards we find that we are given a large number of referrals and we treat all patients equally.

At our dentist in St Albans we offer treatments and services in endodontics (root canal treatment), orthodontics, dental implants, periodontics (gum treatment), prosthodontics (restorative treatment) oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry treatments. As you can see we have a wide range of treatments and services available both under the NHS and privately. If you feel that you require specialist treatment then visit our dental practice and our friendly members of staff will be more than happy to assist you and guide you in deciding what is best for you.

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the technical terminology for root canal treatment. You may have heard about root canal treatment as it is a very common service that we and other dentists have to provide. Root canal treatment is designed to treat an infection that can affect the tooth and also the surrounding tissue around the tooth. It is, therefore, essential when you have an infection that you seek medical assistance immediately, so as to avoid causing damage to more than one tooth or the surrounding tissue.

What is the purpose of root canal treatment?

The purpose and aim of root canal treatment is to remove the infection from the tooth and all the bacteria from the surrounding tissue that has penetrated inside and then fill the tooth to prevent any further cases of infection. You may suffer pain as a consequence of the build up of bacteria and the treatment will ensure that you are pain free!

What is the root canal procedure?

Before any work is performed on your teeth our dentist in St Albans will perform an X-ray to get an understanding of the extent of treatment required, the extent of the bacteria and the impact on the surrounding teeth and tissue. Once the infected tooth has been established it will be isolated from the rest of the teeth to avoid any spreading of the bacteria. So you are probably thinking, how can you isolate a tooth? Simple! The infected tooth will get isolated from the rest of the teeth by use of a rubber dam. This is a sheet of rubber that gets placed on the tooth. Once this is done the tooth will be mechanically cleaned in order to ensure that all the bacteria is targeted. The dentist will use precision files and instruments and these are designed to kill the infection. Once the bacteria has been removed the root canal will be filled with a rubber material which is selected for its durability and strength.