Cosmetic dentistry at your dentist in St Albans


It is important to visit your dentist on a regular basis to make sure that your teeth are clean, strong, your gums are healthy and that you have no underlying dental issues which may be affecting your oral health. Here at UK dental specialists, we are proud to present 20 dentists each specialising in different forms of dentistry to provide you with excellent dental care and fantastic customer service to address your dental needs. We are able to provide a full range of dental treatments and procedures to help maintain, restore and improve your oral health according to your dental requirements and personal preferences.

UK dental specialists are able to provide A wide range of cosmetic dental treatments and we are able to create individually tailored treatment plans to help address the aesthetic issues of your smile. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy there are endless opportunities for you to help create a beautiful smile that you can be proud to show off to the world. Call us at UK dental specialists today to book an appointment and visit your dentist in St Albans to find out how we can address the aesthetic issues of your teeth and begin your journey to achieving the smile that you have been dreaming of.

Thanks to advances in dental technology, cosmetic dentistry has become more convenient, comfortable and accessible than ever before and by speaking to your dentist in St Albans you can find out what the best treatment options may be for your teeth.

Teeth whitening in St Albans

There are many different factors that can affect the appearance of your teeth. Sometimes you may find that despite good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist, your teeth can become stained or discoloured as a result of environmental factors or even as a natural part of the ageing process. This is one of the most commonly presented cosmetic dental issues and can be addressed easily and conveniently with teeth whitening procedures by UK dental specialists. We are able to provide you with home whitening kits or you may speak to us to find out about teeth whitening procedures at the dentist, depending on your personal requirements. These whitening treatments are usually designed to help remove extrinsic staining of the teeth. These are stains that are caused as a result of food and drink, lifestyle choices such as smoking and chewing tobacco, and even poor oral hygiene skills. Some people suffer from intrinsic staining which cannot be removed by teeth whitening procedures. Intrinsic stains can occur as a result of a physical injury to the tooth, underlying dental issues such as tooth decay, or it can even occur as a result of some medication and underlying illnesses. Intrinsic staining can be addressed here at UK dental specialists too.

Speak to us at UK dental specialists today to book an appointment with your dentist in St Albans to find out more about the different types of cosmetic dental treatments that are available for you.