Does the Dentist in St Albans offer Invisalign?


Offering the more modern aligner options such as Invisalign is something our Dentist in St Albans is proud to accommodate. Our dental team completely understands that inconspicuous aligners can provide a new lease of confidence in a person whilst their smile is being perfected. This is extremely important to us as our patients are our top priority and we strive to ensure that we only provide the best.

What is the process to get these aligners?

First of all, whilst Invisalign aligners are an excellent way to realign misaligned teeth, they are more suited to mild to moderate cases. This being said on occasions a patient may start their realignment treatment using the traditional metal brace method and then switch over to Invisalign once a certain point is reached.

So let us explain the process.

Step 1 – Once a discussion has taken place about whether Invisalign is to be a considered treatment for your individual case then we will begin taking a series of photos, x-rays, dental scans and potentially take a dental impression if our Dentist in St Albans believes it to be beneficial.

Step 2 – Once your treatment plan has been discussed, using the records discussed above a visual 3D plan will be created enabling you to not only visualise the end result but literally see how your own teeth can be aligned after the plan has been followed.

Step 3 – This step does not require your attendance as this is when your set of custom aligners are created by Invisalign and then returned to your Dentist in St Albans.

Step 4 – Our dental team will provide you with around three to four sets of aligners. Each set is to be worn for around twenty two hours a day and removed during times of food consumption as this helps maintain a high standard of oral hygiene. After approximately two weeks (exact duration will be confirmed by your dental team), you will move onto the next set of aligners. Invisalign are easily removed by yourself at home so no need for numerous visits or assistance everytime you eat!

Step 5 – Around six to eight weeks after beginning the treatment you will be booked in to see our dental team for a check up. This appointment is to monitor the progress made, make any necessary changes to the plan, and provide you with the next series of aligners if you are ready to have them.

Step 6 – Once the treatment is completed you may need to wear a clear retainer going forward so as to maintain the realignment but you will be left with a winning smile no matter what.

Is Invisalign an easy treatment option?

Invisalign constantly provides excellent results but it is entirely dependent on the patient following the treatment plan provided and to wear the aligners for the recommended period of time. Unlike traditional methods where the dentist makes the adjustments each time, Invisalign requires the patient to have the dedication at home. If the plan is followed exactly how the Dentist in St Albans has recommended then the treatment plan is easy to follow.

Please note, as with all dental treatments and procedures there are potential risks. Therefore we encourage all our patients to seek advice and further information from their local dental team.