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Drinking water improves oral health!


Well hasn’t it been nice and hot recently? It is so important to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated in this heat. Staying hydrated helps to get rid of waste within our bodies and keep our muscles healthy, we drink water as it also has several health benefits. Keeping our cells hydrated, skin glowing and organs functioning at high levels. Our bodies are even 60% water themselves, however are you aware of the benefits water also has on your oral health?

Water strengthens our teeth by keeping our mouth clean!

When drinking other fluids such as fizzy drinks they leave behind unwanted sugars that are ingested by natural bacteria in our mouth which bacteria turns into acid that attacks our enamel.

As water contains no sugar it washes away food deposits that is left in our mouths without leaving anything behind for bacteria to eat. Water dilutes the acid in our mouth that wants to destroy our enamel.

Drinking water prevents dry mouth

Tooth decay thrives in dry mouths, this is because saliva defends tooth decay. Drinking water helps prevent against dry mouth by creating more saliva to keep tooth decay away!

Bad breath no more

Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth, by sipping on water through out the day staying hydrated and reducing dry mouth will keep bad breath at bay. Water also washes away food particles left in the mouth and prevents against decay which contributes to bad breath.

Break the bad habit and start a new goal by drinking 2 litres of water a day, purchase a water bottle and keep it with you to make sure you have water readily available to you. Remind yourself to take frequent sips through out the day it can be handy to compete with colleagues or friends as an incentive to reach your target.





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