Everything you need to know about dental implants


If you have lost a tooth, or multiple teeth, you might be suffering from extreme anxiety. We completely understand if you haven’t smiled since losing your teeth. You can learn a lot of things about someone from their smile, but in the event that you don’t have the confidence or the happiness to do, where does that leave you? We see you and the smile we know you could have, and we want to help. With our dental implants St. Albans, you can rest assured that your full, bright and white smile is just around the corner from your first consultation.

Here at UK Dental Specialists, your concerns and questions are at the centre of every decision we make. We want you to feel safe and comforted while within our practice and make it our goal to provide you with any knowledge and advice that will only inspire you and lead you towards your new and improved smile.

In this short article, we’ll talk about dental implants St. Albans, how they work and the benefits you’ll experience almost straight away.

What are they?

Dental implants St. Albans are screws that are installed into your jaw, replacing the natural root of the teeth you have lost. The screws are small but extremely strong and made out of biocompatible metals. These implants are just used as a base before the artificial teeth are fitted, meaning you have a brand new tooth from root to finish. We will be sure to match the colour and size of your artificial teeth or tooth to the real ones remaining around it, so that if you don’t want anyone to know, they won’t have any idea that it is an implant!

What is the entire process?

The process starts by consultations and check ups, where examinations of your teeth will take place as well as x-rays and scans. Your dental history will also be thoroughly looked through to make sure that our team is well aware of your mouth health. We will also aim to answer any of your questions in this first instance! First, the screws will be installed into your jaw before anything else. We want to make sure that you have minimal discomfort, if you should have any, and also make sure that there are no problems after installation. During this team, your artificial teeth will be created, ready to be added onto the screws once they’re secured in place. When a member of our team is happy that the screw has fused with the bone, your fake tooth or teeth will be placed onto the base and just like that, you will once again have a full set of teeth!

What are the benefits?

There are a variety of benefits to dental implants, but the most exciting is that your artificial teeth are made to look and act exactly like your real teeth. You won’t have to worry about changing your diet or any other major part of your life as taking care of your dental hygiene means that your artificial teeth will be just as strong as your real ones! The implants will also stimulate healthy bone growth and will immediately preserve your bone structure. Sometimes, when someone loses a tooth, their face will start to appear sunken. Our implants will make sure that does not happen to you.