Get to know our dentist in St Albans


Our specialist dental clinic was previously known as ‘Chiswell Green Specialist Dental Centre’ and has been established within the area of St Albans since 2009! Our experienced and highly skilled team of dental healthcare professionals have been providing an excellent standard of private dentistry to our patients for over nine years, and don’t intend on stopping.

Why choose our dentist in St Albans?

Choosing a dental clinic to receive any dental work can be a tough decision, however our brilliant team of dentists ensure both our new and existing patients are always in safe and professional hands. Our clinic not only offers root canal work and discreet orthodontics, but we also provide periodontics, oral surgery, and even restorative implant dentistry.

Helping you achieve your dream smile

Embracing both the quality and quantity of the treatments we provide is not all we do at our dentist in St Albans, we also use the latest advancements within dental technology, as well as the best possible dental materials available on the modern market.

Going the extra mile

In addition to the high standard of materials on offer we are also the only dental clinic within Hertfordshire to have several hospital consultants providing services at our clinic.This is just one reason to choose our dental practice and also happens to make us one of the leading dental practices within the United Kingdom!

Our ethos

Our skilled team combines the use of experienced clinicians and excellent facilities to provide  high quality dental treatments within a modern and relaxed dental environment. Our specialised dental healthcare professionals care for over four hundred dentists across the UK when they require specialist dental treatments! Our dental specialists create tailored dental plans for each unique dental case, whilst using modern dental technologies to ensure our patients achieve the best possible dental results.

What to expect from your treatment journey

After having booked in your initial consultation with our welcoming reception team you can enjoy a relaxing hot drink within our modern and comfortable waiting area! Our attentive dental team will escort you to your fully comprehensive initial consultation, where our dental specialists will answer any of your dental queries or concerns.

A dental service you can trust

Choosing a clinic to receive specialist dental care can be difficult, which is why we publish many of our case studies on our website for our potential patients to see. Our ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos can not only help our patients decide on the right treatment for them, but can also show them our effective dental results. In addition to our treatment photos we also provide written testimonials from our patients expressing their positive experiences.

Are you interested in receiving our dental services?

If our specialist dental clinic looks like something you’d be interested in then you may be curious as to how to get in touch with our surgery. Located on our modern and accessible dental website we display many contact details for our potential patients to choose from, including our direct telephone number, and our email address.