Here is a solution for those missing teeth


Do you find yourself hiding your smile behind your hand? Or trying not to laugh when something funny is said just so you don’t show your teeth? Do you wish you could hide those missing teeth? Could you benefit from dental implants? Dental implants in St Albans are available should you need them.

Missing teeth can not only knock your day to day confidence but can also have a physical effect on the way you speak or eat, so perhaps a dental implant could be the correct choice for you?

Dental implants can be a good solution for both missing teeth or a singular missing toot and that solution is available in St Albans.

Dental implants can be an alternative to other correction work such as wearing dentures and bridgework.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a long-term replacement for a lost or missing tooth or missing teeth, it can protect the overall structure of the mouth providing future health benefits. A dental implant in St Albans can provide such benefits. The implant itself is a titanium screw which provides an artificial replacement for the root of the missing tooth or teeth and is placed directly into your jawbone. The implant looks and acts like natural teeth so can be a good alternative to dentures and bridgework. True to natural teeth, providing you care for your implant, they can last an incredibly long time. However, as will all surgical implants there is no lifetime guarantee. As with all treatment, there are positives and negatives, these can be discussed with your dentist as and when needed to allow yourself to become comfortable with the procedure.

What is supported by a dental implant?

The long-lasting implant is used to secure different types of restorations such as crowns, bridges or dentures. Single or multiple fixtures can be placed in the mouth at the jawbone, providing a useful solution for missing teeth.

How is a dental implant fitted?

The implant is inserted in several steps as the process itself requires the jawbone to tightly heal at the site of the implant between surgery visits. Allowing the jawbone to heal allows the implant to be assimilated into the gum line so it can act as a natural tooth. Prior to surgery, you will have an x-ray to ensure that the implant will fit correctly in your mouth. You will be guided on how to properly clean your implants as to avoid infection whilst the site of the implantation heals.

Your dentist’s role is to ensure that dental implants are a correct choice to you, this is done through x-rays and chats with you about your medical history. It is important to disclose any information deemed necessary to allow your dentist to provide the best possible dental care. Your dentist will also go through any aftercare procedures that you need to be aware of as well as any dos or don’ts concerning your new dental implants to allow you to preserve the implants to the best of your ability. Therefore, the fitted dental implants in St Albans you receive should last a long time.