How can dental implants improve my quality of life?


Dental implants in St Albans might be the dental restoration you’re looking for if you’re frustrated by the shortcomings of other devices, or if you’re restricted due to having fewer teeth.

Losing teeth as you age or as a result of decay isn’t nearly as debilitating as it once was. However, a faulty prosthesis can be highly frustrating and can’t always be depended upon.

It’s for the above reasons that more people are turning to dental implants in St Albans. Here at UK Dental Specialists, we make normal life possible with implants.

Why should I choose implants over other methods of restoration?

Implants are a lifelong investment for your teeth if you take care of them. Tooth implants won’t get loose over time, nor are they susceptible to wear and tear. Many people who have worn dentures for years or have previously put their trust in bridges are turning toward implants for their incredible user benefits.

It’s essential to understand what implants are to see why implants are the superior choice. In a nutshell, an implant is a small titanium screw that our experienced dentists drill into the jaw.

While these nondescript metal pieces might not look like much, they form the foundation of your new tooth or teeth, helping to anchor in place not just artificial crowns, but also dentures and bridges if you wish to continue using your current device.

Once embedded into your jawbone, the titanium bonds with the surrounding tissue and your gums during osseointegration. This phenomenon views this metal, not as a foreign object but as part of your mouth.

Because a minuscule metal post is used, and neighbouring teeth aren’t at all affected, implants can be described as minimally invasive, which is a bonus in our eyes.

Tooth implants last. The same isn’t true for other devices which might last years but will need to be replaced when their efficacy decreases. Minimise the time spent in a dentist’s chair and how much you spend on a prosthesis by investing in your teeth with implants.

What limitations will I face?

If your implant is successful, you can look forward to a life with zero restrictions.

This new-and-improved lifestyle looks something like this:

  • Eating

Eat what you like, which can include tucking into a steak without chipping your crown. Brush your teeth as you typically would without having to incorporate new steps into your cleaning regime.

  • Cleaning

Dentures must be cleaned with a special non-abrasive cleaning agent and a thin bristled brush to remove debris from the grooves of the device. This can be somewhat time-consuming.

You can adhere to your usual cleaning ritual, paying individual attention to your new tooth.

  • Speech

Your new device won’t affect how you speak, unlike ill-fitting dentures. With a dental implant in St Albans, you can talk freely and enjoy conversations without concern about slurring your words.

At the same time, dentures occasionally slipping out and embarrassing you when you talk is a problem of yesteryear.

  • Improves your appearance

With a dental implant, you can now flaunt a full smile that everyone will admire.