How can dental implants in St. Albans improve quality of life?


At UK Dental Specialists, we work with all our patients to deliver the best choice of treatments for getting a great smile. One of the most popular of those treatments is dental implants in St. Albans. Here, we explore what dental implants are and what they are used for and discuss how they can be a fantastic tool for improving the quality of life of our patients.

What are dental implants?

For many people, tooth loss is very detrimental to the confidence. Whether the cause has been some kind of accident or a more gradual deterioration over time, having a missing tooth or teeth can result in a person feeling very self-conscious and even embarrassed about how they look. Dental implants in St. Albans offer an excellent solution to these issues.

The implants are made from titanium, which is a type of metal that has been used in conjunction with human tissues for many years. Because it has been used for many years and in several different ways within the body, we know that it is very compatible and long lasting. It is a safe and reliable way to replace the roots of missing teeth.

The titanium root is positioned into the jawbone of the patient. After a period of healing, it is topped with an abutment. This forms the base onto which the artificial tooth is placed. This process can be used to replace just one or several missing teeth.


Many of our patients report feeling much more confident about their appearance after having treatment with dental implants. This is because they give a very natural look, so unless the patient chooses to tell others that they have had missing teeth replaced, no one else needs to know about it. They both look and feel just like natural teeth, and that can be enough to help a person feel like their old selves again after treatment.

Eat with ease

Because implants provide a completely stable base for artificial teeth, the patient does not have to worry about changing their diet in any way. They can enjoy all their favourite foods and even try new ones, safe in the knowledge that their new teeth will remain in place no matter how hard, chewy or crunchy their meals or snacks might be.

Fewer trips to the dentist

Having missing teeth replaced using implants is a long-term solution. They last for many years, and in several cases, a lifetime. This means that the patient can get on with enjoying life after having the treatment, with no worries about having to make frequent visits to the dentist for adjustments. A check-up a couple of times a year should be all that is needed to ensure the teeth stay in good condition.

Easy to care for

There are no special tools, tricks or techniques required for looking after dental implants. In fact, it is simply a case of caring for them in the same way as natural teeth. Twice daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once a day is all that is needed to keep the smile looking good.