How to make your Invisalign experience even better


We are really glad you’ve decided to opt for Invisalign St.Albans, we know you won’t regret starting this journey with us. We’re sure our dentist has talked you through all the basics when it comes to Invisalign care, but there are some extra accessories you can invest in to make sure you have all you need to make your teeth straightening journey a smooth one.

Aligner cases

As we’re sure you’re aware, you should be wearing your Invisalign St.Albans for at least 22 hours per day. The couple of hours you have free from wearing your aligners are there for eating and brushing your teeth. Now you shouldn’t, for this very reason, need lots of cases, but we recommend investing in a second one, so you can have one at home by your bed or toothbrush, and one to have in your bag for when you’re at college or work. Just so you’ve always got somewhere safe to store your special aligner.

Cleaning products

There are lots of different aligner cleaning products on the market, we recommend using Invisalign cleaning crystals, but if these aren’t available to you, you can use any type of denture cleaner or retainer cleaning products. All these products are usually dissolvable and require you to leave the brace soaking in the product. Always check the instructions on the packet and if you are at all unsure feel free to contact our team to check if the product is safe to use alongside Invisalign St. Albans.

Denture baths

This product is in no way a necessity, but can be really helpful when it comes to cleaning your aligner trays. Having the straining system just keeps your Invisalign safe when cleaning, so there’s no chance of them falling into the sink.

Invisalign chewies

These are fantastic as you progress through your Invisalign journey. As you get further and further into the process it’s common that patients find some of the trays becoming harder to fit into place, particularly when you first put them in. Chewies are little squishy things that help get your aligners in the right place correctly.

Travel toothbrush

Invisalign or no Invisalign, travel toothbrushes are just great to have. However, now you are wearing aligners all day your brushing routine is more important than ever. You need to make sure you are giving your teeth a really good clean after every meal and rinsing your aligners before you put them back in. If you neglect this process it can lead to a build-up of bacteria which in turn, leads to plaque and tartar, the foremost causes of gum disease and decay.


Flossing and interdental brushes are really important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, so make sure you’re keeping floss in your bag too. If you’re heading for a birthday or wondering what to ask for Christmas, a great present could be a water flosser. These are a super way of quickly getting between teeth, you can give yourself a professional clean every day. Ideal for those with Invisalign.