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I struggle to get my kids to brush their teeth


To all those mummies and daddies out there struggling to get your children to brush their teeth, you are not alone! However, it is our responsibility as parents to look after out children’s oral health and find ways to make brushing teeth fun!

We have collated some fun useful tips which may help encourage your children to brush their teeth morning and night. Trust me, we are aware that while you are rushing around to get ready in the morning for the school run these tactics seem impossible, but practice makes perfect right!

  • Brush for two minutes? You can purchase fun affordable electric tooth brushes for kids which come with figurines e.g. Thomas the tank engine attached to a base that spins around until it has been two minutes. You can use these to encourage your children to brush until Thomas stops then reward them with a sticker on their chart.
  • Let your child choose! When you visit the store to purchase a tooth brush for your little one. Let them pick it. By giving them the chance to make the decision to brush with a cool tooth brush or not enough may be a huge step in the right direction.
  • Brush together, Children like to feel grown up and spending some quality time having fun brushing your teeth together may help them see this task as a more enjoyable activity. This is a great opportunity to make sure they are covering all areas and brushing for the right amount of time.
  • Videos are handy. Show them videos of other children brushing their teeth you can find lots of useful videos on YouTube.
  • Read tooth friendly books! Books and games revolving around looking after our teeth can be great interactive ways to teach our children the facts on looking after our teeth and the role the tooth fairy plays. You may find they are more likely to pay attention during a fun setting than in angry serious I am not happy tone.

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  • Use disclosing tablets. If you haven’t been shown disclosing tablets, then discuss this at your next dental appointment the dentist can demonstrate this for you. By showing children the areas of their teeth, they are not cleaning properly by using the disclosing tablets, explaining how bacteria is formed and how it affects our teeth educates and encourages them to remove all those horrible bits.
  • Positive encouragement. Yes, we know that your thinking…. Easier said than done aye! If your child is already finding brushing their teeth an unpleasant experience by shouting, coming across unhappy and rushing around only adds to the negative experience they already dread when it comes to brushing their teeth. Stay patient, follow all tips above and over time you may find they start to come around.

We hope this has been useful consistency is key think back to potty training!

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