Moving into the future with a dentist in St Albans


Always striving to take dentistry to the highest possible level by improving services and training, as well as using the latest technological advancements, our dentist in St Albans is validating the art of dentistry by pushing the boundaries to give you the best possible treatments. Our approach to dentistry has evolved to the stage where we offer different dental specialists for different procedures. We have moved to the next level where we can provide you with all the specialist treatments that you may need in one place.

Broad knowledge

After years of collaboration, our dentist in St Albans combines the expertise of many dental professionals from a wide variety of disciplines to ensure that all our patients enjoy a unique personal experience. Our specialists are well regarded and trusted because of the research they have conducted and the various dental journals they have published. In addition we occasionally host dental talks and seminars for dental practitioners.

Your experience in our care

In order to ensure that your experience with us is as individual as you are, we will go to great lengths to take the time to know and understand you. We want to learn about your history, who you are, where you come from and what makes you tick. Our team will extract any important details about medication you may be taking, prescription or not. Your past dental experiences, phobias and fears are all information we want to know about and understand. Our team is well trained and their main focus is to ensure that you feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable every time that you visit our surgery.

Treatments we offer

With our dentist in St Albans we offer a full range of specialised treatments to our own patients and because of our specialists we also take patients from dental surgeries across the country. Our surgery is designed to offer the best dental specialist care for root canal treatment, restorative and gum treatments, and a variety of oral surgeries including implants. Dental implants have become normal these days, after decades of evolution, for the replacement of missing teeth. This procedure performed on our premises allows us to create a stable and solid foundation to replace the root of your tooth. The titanium post that acts as the artificial root is planted deep into your jawbone. Your replacement tooth or teeth are made to resemble your existing teeth and are inserted into this titanium post using a screw mechanism which ensures a firm fit that will not move while chewing. We also have teeth aligners either clear, fixed or removable to straighten your teeth. Facial aesthetics have become increasingly important and within our surgically-clean treatment rooms we offer a series of procedures. Our resident registered general practitioner is available to perform an injectable procedure to reduce the visible signs of ageing. Dermal filler treatment which produces a more youthful appearance is also used to enhance lips and to shape facial, hand and neck contours.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Nothing underlines success more than repeat visits from patients and we enjoy that in abundance. By providing personal care and attention specifically designed around our patients’ needs we are viewed as the specialist practice of choice.