Our Invisalign services and what you should expect


We are a provider of Invisalign in St.Albans; it’s a fairly new method of practising orthodontics when compared to the more than 100 years of use in dental practices with a traditional metal brace. This brace uses a sequence of clear 3D printed plastic aligners to straighten teeth, in a subtle and non-invasive way.

The clear aligner treatment pathway

It starts with an assessment, aligners have many advantages but they are not considered effective on as many orthodontic ailments as a metal brace, especially for complex conditions.

The next step is imaging your teeth; this can be done by taking a mould, but it is more common now to build a 3D model from dental X-rays or an intra-oral scan.

From there, the aligners are designed by an orthodontist with additional training to operate the associated computer software. They will examine the oral scans and re-organise the teeth, altering some of the orientations and allowing the teeth to align correctly.

Then a progression of aligners can be modelled, each one moving the teeth slightly closer to their final position. Like a flipbook of your predicted progress.

The first of the models are then 3D printed, with the finished aligners sent out. These aligners are used sequentially with the guidance of our dentists and check-ups every 6 to 8 weeks for the duration of the treatment.

Using aligners

Clear aligners need to be worn as much as possible, day and night to be effective but it is not recommended to wear them while eating. Brushing your teeth after eating before replacing your aligners is advised, to minimise the risk of cavities.

During everyday wear, the lightweight design and thinness result in many patients forgetting that they are wearing an aligner. The clear construction makes them very subtle; often Invisalign St. Albans goes unnoticed by others.

Will it hurt?

We have found that with Invisalign St. Albans the gradual adjustments cause significantly less discomfort than a traditional brace. This is in part due to the ClinCheck software used to design the aligners, which calculates the minimum necessary forces to alter the tooth position. The elasticity of plastic aligners produces a more consistent force than a metal brace.

There is also no need for assistance from rubber bands or a retainer upon completion of the treatment.

Aligners’ popularity

Aligners have always been less invasive and conspicuous than a brace, but in recent years some providers will offer clear aligners without the oversight from a dentist. This has been counter advised by the British Orthodontic Society and the inappropriate use of aligners could cause long term issues. We only work with those who strictly offer their aligners through local dental surgeries who can help patients make informed and unbiased decisions about their health.

This is particularly true of nervous patients who might find it challenging to attend a dental appointment. We are always sympathetic to the needs of all our patients and would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about Invisalign St. Albans.