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The affects stress has on our teeth!

Too much stress or prolonged stress can affect our health significantly both physically and mentally. But did you know stress can also damage our teeth?

Continue reading to find out some of the signs & consequences stress has on our oral health

Dry mouth

The function of saliva is to help move food particles from out mouth into our oesophagus, without it food particles and debris remain in our mouths causing gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), caries (tooth decay) and even bad breath!


Stress can cause you to clench your teeth during the day whilst at work or even during the night, this can lead to fractures of fillings and tooth tissue. If you experience any clicking or aching of the jaw this may also be a sign of clenching.


Bruxism, also referred to as ‘grinding’ can this can lead to tooth surface loss, it begins to wear away the enamel causing sensitivity and discomfort. In severe cases, root canal may be required when the nerves of teeth become exposed.

Three steps to take when you’re feeling stressed according to the ‘mental health foundation’

  1. Realise when it is causing you a problem
  2. Identify the causes
  3. Review your life style

How to minimise the effect of stress on your oral health?

  • Keep up with your oral hygiene at home
  • Visit your dentist for regular examination
  • If you catch yourself grinding or clenching inform your dentist & ask about a mouth guard
  • Stay active—exercise can help with stress
  • Try relaxing techniques/breathing exercises to help manage your stress
  • Get plenty of sleep

If you have any concerns and feel stress is affecting your oral health come and visit one of our specialists today to explore prevention and treatment options!

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