Replacing teeth with dental implants St Albans


Have you heard of dental implants St Albans and wondered whether they would be beneficial for you? If you have missing teeth, then chances are that they can improve your quality of life by bringing your smile back to full functionality again; something that we often accept is no longer an opportunity after years of working with what we have.

Whether you have some other kind of tooth replacement system in place, such as dentures or a bridge, or whether you have foregone all kind of treatment and have gaps in your smile, you are bound to have some small niggle or concern that chips away at your confidence, either in your appearance or in your ability to eat the foods you love.

Thankfully, with dental implants St Albans, you can move forward confidently with your life, choosing to eat what you like, where you like without concern of not being able to, due to the overall condition of your teeth.

We work on a bespoke approach, looking at your smile and finding a solution that is as unique to you as your teeth are. In this way, we can use dental implants St Albans in an assortment of ways because we know that when it comes to teeth, there is no one size fits all.

How does this treatment actually work?

As the name suggests, an implant is inserted directly into your jaw at a digitally determined position for ultimate effectiveness and comfort. We use a lot of digital scans to analyse the health of your teeth, eliminating the human error factor and ensuring exact precision. This has enabled us to offer a 98% success rate with this treatment, should you be suitable.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?

Most healthy adults are suitable and there is no upper age limit, however those with bones still growing and developing must wait until their body has reached maturity until they can have an adult tooth replaced with this kind of treatment.

If you have an underlying health or dental condition, such as diabetes or gum disease, then we will ask you to have this under control before continuation, purely because of the additional complications that your body may present with, rendering it unsafe. Of course there are other options available for those of us who may find this treatment unsuitable, but dentists will recommend this durable and long-lasting solution to those who they believe would benefit from it.

How long does this treatment last?

There is no lifetime guarantee for any treatment because of unforeseen complications that can arise, however this procedure boasts our strongest guarantee of several decades of use before maintenance might be suggested. This makes it a wise investment for younger individuals who would otherwise be facing multiple, expensive adaptations to different replacement solutions. It is also a carefree option for older patients.

The reason behind the longevity of this treatment is the titanium material that we use in the implant. Titanium bonds with your bone and creates a stable and secure site to which the visible parts of your teeth are attached.