Replacing your teeth with dental implants


A majority of people feel that once they have lost a tooth their smile is impacted forever. This is not the case, and at UK Dental Specialists we have a way of replacing your teeth so that they look, feel and behave just like your original ones, giving you your smile back as soon as possible, as well as the ability to bite and chew confidently. If you have gaps in your smile or want to upgrade from your dentures then book a consultation appointment with one of our dental professionals to discuss getting dental implants St Albans.

What if you only have a single tooth that needs replacing?

Missing one tooth can be just as traumatic for someone as missing all of them when it comes to smiling, but lots of people refrain from going to see their dentist if they are only missing one tooth, because they do not feel that their situation is bad enough for treatment. At UK Dental Specialists we make having dental implants St Albans possible for anyone who is missing one tooth, three or all of them. Having a full smile that you can be proud of is important, but this treatment helps to maintain the strength and health of your jawbone too, which other tooth replacement options often neglect to do.

In the case of one tooth being replaced you will have a titanium screw inserted into your jawbone, and attached to this will be a crown, designed to blend in with your own teeth. In circumstances where you are replacing multiple teeth you may need a bridge or partial denture instead of a crown, but you will not need one screw per tooth as they are capable of supporting more than one tooth each. You will need to allow six weeks for your mouth to heal around the screws once they have been inserted before having your new appliance attached, but this is a fraction of the amount of time that your new teeth will end up lasting you for.

How long can you expect your new teeth to last?

Once you have had dental implants St Albans it is important that you take care of them properly to ensure that they last you as long as possible. Your dental practitioner will provide you with instructions on how you should brush your teeth, advising you on the different types of brushes and products that are available and which ones are most suited to your own personal circumstances. Cleaning your new teeth thoroughly will ensure that you do not get a build-up of plaque around them, keeping them stronger for longer and your mouth healthier overall. For some people their new teeth will last them upwards of ten years, but tooth implants can last up to twenty years or in some cases last someone for the rest of their life if they are looked after properly. If you have any questions about how to care for your teeth then ask one of our dental team, as they will be able to answer your questions to the fullest extent.