Should you choose dental implants?


At UK Dental Specialists, we have helped an overwhelming number of patients benefit from dental implants St. Albans. Our extensive experience in this field, together with overall superior quality dental care, makes us a good choice when you search for a competent tooth implant practitioner.

Tooth implants have become the treatment of choice for patents who need to have lost teeth replaced. This type of artificial dental appliance is suitably designed to cover many of the must-haves patients look for: aesthetic quality, confident eating and speaking and comfort.

If the patient does not meet the criteria that a candidate for dental implants St. Albans must have, then there are alternative treatments we can use to correct the issue before forging ahead with implantation. For example, we can restore full gum health if gum health is poor or improve jawbone quality if there is insufficient jawbone to receive the implant through bone grafting.

All patients generally have one goal in mind when opting for dental implants St. Albans: to enjoy a life-long service from their tooth implants. This can easily be achieved by implementing all of the aftercare guidelines offered by our implant dentist.

Taking care of tooth implants is no more complicated than taking care of natural teeth so there is nothing to be worried about. The patient must remain consistent in implementing the guidelines and this is the key. So then what are these guidelines?

Aftercare of tooth replacement implants

First and foremost is a patient’s oral hygiene practice at home which is non-negotiable. But, brushing twice a day and flossing are not all there is to it; the effectiveness lies in the techniques used. For example, do you brush for at least two minutes? Do you use the right motion of gentle circular strokes? Do you use the correct, non-abrasive cleaning products? Are the toothbrush head and bristles appropriate for your mouth? These are what we like to ask our patients when they come in for a consultation.

Then there is the critical role played by our dentist in protecting the longevity of implants. Regular deep cleaning treatments and check-ups are necessary to compensate for the deviancies of at-home dental maintenance. Let us turn our attention to the design of the dental implant before looking at some of the prized benefits of this treatment plan.

It is quite astonishing how such a simple design can provide such a wide variety of extraordinary benefits. The first stage is to get the mouth ready for implantation. The implant resembles a metal screw-like rod that provides an anchor for the dental crown that is placed on top to provide aesthetic quality and good masticatory function.

On the list of most sought after benefits of tooth replacement implants are stability, confidence, aesthetics and longevity.

Stability is needed to ensure the tooth implant remains stable in the mouth and that there is no moving about in the dental arch. Because the implant is held securely in place, you can eat and speak with the confidence that the appliance will not fall out. Furthermore, as these dental appliances look more like natural teeth than artificial ones you will not need to worry about anyone spotting it. And finally, provided that they are well cared for, tooth implants offer a long shelf-life.

So visit us today and make UK Dental Specialists your dental provider of note. Our dental practitioners are ready to accommodate you with a great implant experience and quality of dental care.