Straight teeth with Invisalign St Albans


Have you been dreaming of having more attractive and healthier teeth by having them straightened, but perhaps keep putting it off because you feel you are too old or don’t have the time and money to go through the complex procedure required to get them done?

Well, with Invisalign St Albans, we have streamlined the teeth straightening procedure to ensure that those who have mild or moderate misalignments can efficiently and effectively bring their teeth into alignment, with no additional complications or unnecessary features that would potentially deter them from having the treatment done.

Ultimately, we are looking to ensure that as many of our patients as possible feel enabled and confident to go through the teeth straightening journey, bringing their teeth into alignment and having a healthier smile to boot. In this way, we are preventing more serious complications to hinder our patients and we are helping them to love the smile that they have.

Traditional devices tend to be favoured when you present to one of our professionals with more complex conditions, however many adults do not have this, rather a slight misalignment that has worsened with age. By weighing up the immediate advantages and disadvantages, we have found that a lot of adults choose to forego treatment with traditional braces, not having the flexibility in their lives that is needed for frequent adjustments at the dental practice and wanting a more discreet option, but perhaps not being able to afford invisible braces.

Invisalign St Albans is a solution to these concerns and many more. If you are an individual who is looking for a discreet and convenient solution to your misaligned bite or teeth, then why not have a chat with your oral health care professional about this treatment and what it can do for you?

How does this treatment work exactly?

We use clear, removable trays that are fitted snugly to teeth as a means to push your teeth into their correct position over the course of several months. Rather than adjusting the trays like we adjust traditional braces every few weeks, a new tray is worn that is digitally moulded in a predetermined way that is the most effective and comfortable for you.

We understand what the necessary shift in your teeth is by the initial scan that is taken of the alignment of your teeth, taken when you come in to see whether you are viable for this Invisalign St Albans treatment. The iTero scanner creates a high definition scan of the alignment of your teeth and the software then plots the desired movement of your teeth, creating the mould of the trays that are needed in order to make this a reality for you.

Essentially, you can do this in the comfort of your own home, meaning that you do not need to make a lot of time for dental appointments. We do like to monitor your progress at a time that is suitable for you however and we are readily available should you have any concerns or questions as you work through your personalised treatment.