The need to visit the dentist in St Albans


Everybody understands how important it is to ensure we take good care of our oral hygiene and health, as we all want to feel the positive health benefit that comes with a high standard of oral health. We need to see the mouth as the gateway to the rest of the body, recognising it as such then allows us to fully comprehend just how important the mouth is to the health and well-being of the rest of our bodies.

While you may know where to get the more everyday treatments that are offered by a dentist in St Albans, such as fillings and extractions, you may still need to know where you can go if you find you need some more specialised dental treatments.

We would like to try and give you a brief outline of some of the services we can offer, should you find you need a more specialised solution to any oral issue you may have. We aim to offer a high-quality service that meets your needs, in the hope of showing why we have become the leading specialised dentist in St. Albans.

A solution for tooth loss

If you have suffered from any form of tooth loss, we believe we may be able to offer you the perfect solution and help you replace the tooth or teeth you have lost. Dental implants could offer you a permanent replacement for your missing teeth, that will feel like you have been given your natural teeth back.

This procedure begins with the insertion of a screw made from titanium into the jawbone, this forms a strong base for a crown to sit upon and form your new tooth. The crown is made from a hard-wearing ceramic material that is then shaped and coloured to look like a tooth, this allows it to blend with any remaining teeth within the area it is placed in.

When cared for correctly, via brushing and flossing, these implants will last any patient who decides to have them, for a lifetime.

Specialised tooth realignment treatments for adults

If you are an adult living with misaligned teeth, we understand the challenges this problem can pose in your daily life and want you to know we are here to offer you some help. Many adults who live with misaligned teeth may not be aware that there are orthodontic treatments available for adults in the UK that are both reliable and discreet.

Many people who have misaligned teeth tend to struggle to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene, this can lead to them needing avoidable dental treatments. Aligning your teeth so they are in the perfect position in the mouth will help to make cleaning them much easier and enable you to enjoy a heightened standard of oral hygiene.

Keep in mind that realignment treatment can also help with other common issues, such as a weakened bite or minor speech impediments.

Your search could be over

If you are looking for a dentist in St. Albans that offers specialised dental treatments, then your search may be over. Please contact the dental practice to find out more information about the services we have to offer you.

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