Three reasons why you should consider speaking to your dentist about dental implants


At UK Dental Specialists, we are excited about any dental treatment or procedure that can give patients back their smiles and restore their oral health. This is why we are happy to offer patients high quality dental implants – a tried-and-tested treatment plan that offers patients longer lasting, durable and aesthetically pleasing alternatives to replace missing natural teeth. What is first required from a patient looking for the best possible missing teeth restoration option is to get in touch with us and schedule a consultation with our highly experienced dentist in St Albans.

Once our dentist in St Albans conducts a thorough examination of your mouth, closely inspecting gum health and jawbone density, we will be able to determine your suitability as an ideal candidate for dental implants. Patients often ask why this step is necessary and the simple answer is that for the treatment to be as effective as it is renowned to be and offer remarkable aesthetic results that will last over the long term, optimal gum health and jawbone quality is essential. If deemed suitable for dental implants, patients can replace missing teeth without the worry of damaging neighbouring teeth or managing discomfort.

Positive aspects of dental implants

Ask a dentist in St Albans to recommend a viable solution to replace missing teeth, and more often than not, you will hear them say – dental implants. The following factors are some of the top reasons why this treatment appears so highly on dentists’ lists.

Closest to looking like natural teeth

We are well aware of our patients’ need to have natural looking teeth, which is why dental implants are such an ideal option – the cosmetic finish of dental implants means that no one will be able to detect that they are artificial teeth.

Full mouth function is restored

Seeing that these artificial teeth have metallic roots surgically implanted into the jawbone, they are able to restore a higher level of confident and secure biting and chewing functionality than traditional tooth restoration methods. There is very little risk of the tooth replacement implants moving out of position or falling out – a possibility only if a patient neglects their oral health and fails to brush, floss or have them checked regularly by a professional dental practitioner.

Protective function a key benefit

Patients may be more familiar with the beautiful look and natural feel of dental implants and are less so with its protective aspects. But these should by no means be discounted. The metal root of implants protect jawbone quality from deteriorating which can happen when teeth fall out. Also neighbouring teeth (either side of gaps) are protected against damage that is not unusual with other missing teeth restorative devices. With gaps in the gum line filled in, adjacent teeth cannot move out of position to create a new set of orthodontic problems.

Make the best choice for your oral health, choose our well-qualified dental team at UK Dental Specialists to take care of all your dental care needs. From endodontics to orthodontics, we offer a varied range of dental treatments and procedures to keep your teeth and gums in good health and ensure you keep your precious smile aesthetically beautiful.