Want to know more about the world-famous Invisalign brace? 5 FAQs answered by UK Dental Specialists


Many adults in the UK are unhappy with their smiles.

Some wish their smiles were whiter, some wish that they had a more aligned smile and others wish that their teeth were more symmetrical.

In the past, there were only 2 options for adults who had misaligned teeth; the first was to learn to live with it, while the second was to undertake a traditional orthodontic brace. Far from being a confidence booster, many people opted to simply put up with their smiles as they were.

Since orthodontic techniques and technologies have improved, many adults are now able to straighten their smiles without the use of traditional, metal braces.

At UK Dental Specialists, our team is proud to be one of the dental surgeries that can offer adults an alternative treatment. Using Invisalign in St. Albans, our team will be able to transform your smile in a matter of months, without costing a fortune. What more could you want in a brace?

Curious to learn more? Below, our team answers 5 of the top FAQs about Invisalign in St. Albans.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional braces which use a system of tightening (pulling) to move teeth in your mouth, Invisalign in St. Albans uses a more personalised and gentler technology.

This brace uses a set of plastic trays that slot over your teeth to gently move them, each customised to a different stage of the treatment. With no pulling or adjustments required, this brace is able to straighten your teeth in less time.

Is it uncomfortable?

As there is no force involved in the moving of the teeth, this invisible brace is more comfortable than many of the alternative aligners.

Remember, the brace still has a job to do! And so, for the first few days after changing your tray, you may feel a bit of discomfort but this is normal.

Will it make me sound odd?

This is a common concern that many people have when they begin using this brace, especially if their job involves a lot of meetings or talks.

While we all remember the child at school who developed a lisp after having metal braces fitted, this invisible brace should not cause long-term speech issues. While there may be an initial adjustment period after putting in your first aligner, you will adapt. Soon, you will forget that you are wearing any brace at all!

What’s the average treatment time?

With this brand of invisible braces, the average treatment time is about 6 months.

This will vary based on the underlying severity of your misalignment and how disciplined you are when it comes to keeping the brace in. As it is removable, many patients find it hard to stick to the 22 hours wearing time, which can delay the process.

Is it suitable for everyone?

In a word, no.

This brace is not suitable for people with more complex misalignments and is only used on patients who are over 15 years of age. Talk to our team about your suitability.