What are dental implants in St Albans?


Dental implants in St Albans are the modern solution to missing teeth. This type of revolutionary restorative dentistry serves as the best missing tooth replacement within the field, consisting of three key components which work to restore both the physical function, and the physical aesthetic appearance of the teeth. But how do you know if dental implants in St Albans are right for your smile?

Could dental implants work for you?

If you are a patient who is suffering from the loss of one, multiple, or potentially a whole row of missing teeth within the mouth, then dental implants could be the ideal solution to amend your smile. Despite their popularity within the industry, many of our patients’ may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process, and whether or not they are eligible to receive this implant.

What to expect from the treatment process, at our clinic in St Albans..

Much like any dental procedure at our surgery, every dental implant treatment journey will commence with an initial consultation. But what can patients’ expect during this comprehensive introductory appointment? During this session our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals will examine your smile and the affected area, whilst determining whether you are eligible to receive implant dentistry. But what happens next?

Taking the next step towards your restored smile…

After both our friendly team of specialists and the patient has decided that dental implants are the right solution to restore the function and aesthetic appearance of the smile, then the treatment journey can commence. Dental implants essentially consist of three instrumental parts which ensures the patient is able to chew, brush, and partake in other daily dental activities normally again!

Why is it so important to replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth within the mouth unfortunately welcome a variety of negative consequences which should not be overlooked. To expand, exposed gums act as a potential breeding ground for oral bacteria which can develop into unwanted oral diseases and even infections. In addition, the surrounding teeth can move into the newly available space which can erase years worth of orthodontic work for a large number of our patients’, thus resulting in a disorganised smile.

How do dental implants work to restore the function of the smile?

Dental implants consist of the dental implant itself (a small titanium screw which serves as a replica tooth root), the abutment (which is also commonly referred to as a ‘connector’), and lastly the replica porcelain crown. This trio works to produce a sturdy base within the mouth, whilst the replica crown is matched perfectly to both the shape and the shade of the surrounding teeth, which makes for a discrete addition to the mouth.

Will anyone know I have a dental implant?

No! Many of our patients may be feeling extremely insecure when suffering from missing teeth (gaps within the mouth can encourage speech impairments too), however they may also worry that their new tooth looks different from their natural smile. If you are feeling concerned about the subtlety of your latest addition, then you need not fear! Our clinic takes advantage of modern advancements to ensure our patients’ receive a natural looking smile, everytime.