What are the factors that influence the successful implementation of dental implants?


One of the best pieces of advice for patients interested in dental implants in St. Albans is to make sure to choose the right tooth replacement implant provider and so experience superior patient satisfaction. At UK Dental Specialists our dental practitioners have carried out many procedures in dental implants in St. Albans to the great satisfaction of our patients.

Patients often question the importance of engaging with a reputable dental practitioner experienced in prescribing and performing dental implants in St. Albans. Many patient guidelines on how to choose an implant dentist espouse factors such as the experience and training of implant dentists as must-have criteria, but it is often not explained why these are so relevant.

In this article we would like to point out all the reasons why professional certification and practical real-world experience increase the success of implant procedures and treatment plans. When patients are asked to name the qualities they most look for in a dental practitioner, it is usual for them to cite effective results at the top of their lists. For us dental professionals, we would rate industry experience as our number one quality that bears importance to successful implant dentistry.

 The role of experience and training in implant dentistry

A dental practitioner experienced in carrying out tooth replacement implant procedures offers patients the following desirable factors with regard to successful implantation.

  • Proper assessment of the patient’s facial bone structure

Implant procedures do not only concern replacing teeth that are missing or so extensively damaged that dentists recommend them being removed instead of rehabilitated. Through training and experience a dental practitioner will also learn how facial bone structure influences the outcome a patient wants to achieve.

  • Determining quality of gum health

Optimal gum health is required to ensure that the patient recovers quickly from the implantation procedure. Without a patient meeting the base standard of gum health, a reputable dental practitioner will not advise on proceeding with treatment, as failure to meet these criteria will adversely affect the health of the implanted artificial tooth root.

  • Knowing where to choose the implantation site

The exact position in the dental arch where the dental practitioner will place the metal tooth root is critical to successful implantation. This is especially so in the case of a dental implant having to support multiple missing teeth. A dental practitioner must know the ideal spot of where to insert a metal root, so that it can adequately support more than one replacement tooth that would be most cost-effective for a patient.

At UK Dental Specialists we encourage personal, face-to-face consultation appointments for patients looking to have implant procedures done. There is only so much information a dental practitioner can convey over a phone call and a proper oral examination is required to actually determine how appropriate or suitable the treatment is for a particular patient. Our dental practitioners will want to make certain that a patient meets all the basic requirements that contribute to the success of the tooth root implantation procedure. For a reliable assessment of your dental needs, please schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dental practitioners.