What you need to know about Invisalign


It’s never too late for you to obtain perfectly straight teeth. Many adults are considering wearing braces for the first time after a lifetime of sporting crooked pearly whites and suffering one dental issue after the next.

Our clinic, UK Dental Specialists are proud suppliers of Invisalign in St Albans. Invisalign has several advantages over standard metal braces. In this article, we’ll explain the reasons why.

Why choose Invisalign over regular braces?

The advances in orthodontics have taken the world by storm, making dreams come true. These days you can change the smile you inherited with more than one straightening appliance.

However, despite more people being open to wearing braces, many remain hesitant about donning an orthodontic device due to the materials standard braces comprise of.

While the appearance of metal braces has improved tenfold since first being introduced to the public, it’s hard to miss the metallic glint when users smile or talk.

Therefore, the invisible design of Invisalign in St Albans appeals to those who want straight teeth without drawing attention to themselves. The translucent aligners we supply you with are virtually undetectable. Smile wide and socialise with others without feeling at all self-conscious about your teeth straightening device.

Looks aside, the fact that your new aligners are produced using plastic means that your personal comfort is optimised. You won’t have to contend with metal rubbing against the skin of your cheek, causing mouth sores.

You can remove Invisalign aligners to brush your teeth, eat, play sports, and indulge in other activities where they might get in the way.

Its removable nature is beneficial for several reasons. For one, you can clean and brush your teeth relatively easily. The same can’t be said for conventional braces where bacteria can hide in various spaces of your teeth where your brush can’t reach. Without metal hindering you from reaching these areas of the mouth, you can do a better job at cleaning your teeth and improving your oral health and hygiene.

Finally, you won’t have to change your diet while wearing braces. The device must be removed every time you eat or drink anything besides water. However, for the sake of your oral hygiene, we recommend that you eat healthily and moderate your sugar intake.

Limitations of Invisalign in St Albans

Invisalign might have numerous benefits, but there are a few pitfalls you should know about before jumping right in.

As groundbreaking as this treatment may be, it’s not for everyone and can’t fix all orthodontic issues. Consult with one of our dentists to see if Invisalign is a suitable device for you.

One of the device’s primary features is also viewed as a significant disadvantage for some. You’ll need to be highly disciplined despite having the freedom to remove the device whenever you wish. We recommend that the device remains in your mouth for 22 hours in a day for the best possible results, and to prevent delays in your treatment.

Buy a pouch or case if you’re prone to losing things, and place your appliances in there for safekeeping when you’re not using them.