Who is a good candidate for Invisalign in St. Albans?


Here at UK Dental Specialists, we offer solutions to all patients who wish to have the best possible smile. We understand that all patients have individual needs, and tailor our advice and treatments in order to deliver great results that can be life changing in terms of increasing confidence regarding one’s appearance. For some of these patients, Invisalign in St. Albans can be the best solution. Here, we explain what Invisalign is and the types of people it is best suited to.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the trade name for invisible or clear braces. These are designed to correct teeth that are misaligned and can be used to treat a range of issues including being crooked, protruding and overcrowded. The braces are composed of sets of clear trays of super soft plastic that are tailor made for the individual patient. This means that they are very comfortable and easy to wear.

The trays that make up these braces are known as aligners. These are changed every few weeks until the desired results have been achieved. Treatment time can vary but is usually completed in a matter of months.

The self-conscious teenager

For most people, being a teenager is a challenging time of life. There are various pressures that include those from peers and worrying about what others think is very common. The teenager who has teeth that are misaligned often already feels very self-conscious about how they look. When this is the case, the idea of getting more traditional braces may be something that causes concern.

This is where Invisalign in St. Albans is a great way to resolve misalignment issues. Because the braces are invisible, the teenager need not worry about others knowing that they are having treatment. They can simply get on with life as normal before enjoying the much-increased confidence that comes with the results of wearing these braces.

The adult who desires discretion

For the patient who wishes to have their teeth straightened later in life, invisible braces are a great choice. They can get the smile they wish for whilst keeping their treatment a secret from colleagues, friends and others. There is no need to explain what is going on as no one needs to know that this patient is even wearing braces. Socialising and even dating can continue as before, and the patient will feel increasingly better about their appearance as they progress through their treatment.

The foodie

Sometimes people are unsure about getting braces because they are worried that the treatment will disrupt their enjoyment of meals. They are concerned that they may have to stop eating certain foods or may not be able to try new things. Clear aligners pose no such restrictions on eating, in fact the patient can enjoy any foodstuffs they choose. This is because they are designed to be removed for mealtimes. This means that the patient can get the smile they want while continuing to enjoy cooking new recipes and visiting restaurants. For the foodie who opts for Invisalign, life can continue as normal.