Why dental implants are the gold standard in replacing missing teeth


The combination of multiple advantages offered by dental implants St. Albans that are not to be had by other teeth restoration methods promote it as the preferred dental solution to give patients back the capability to bite and chew with confidence. Missing teeth (even a single one) can cause a number of problems for a patient which is why our dental practitioners at UK Dental Specialists encourage the replacing of any missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent problems from developing.

The numerous problems experienced by a patient with a single tooth or multiple teeth missing encompass deteriorating gum quality and jawbone density, teeth shifting out of position, inadequate nutrient intake (due to problems with chewing and eating certain foods) and poor self-confidence to engage with others in professional and social situations.

Reasons why artificial tooth implants are the better choice

Supports dental restoration

Patients with dental restoration tools such as bridges and dentures can also opt for dental implants St. Albans to further support these tools.

Long-term solution

The design of the dental implants St. Albans strengthens the argument that favours this method as a comparatively long-term tooth restoration solution. Other methods will need replacing after a period of service; dental implants, however, provided they are carefully maintained (all advice and guidance offered by our implant dentist must be carefully followed) will continue to serve for an extended period. The design features a fully secured metal rod that acts like a root or anchor to secure the implant to the jawbone. This metal screw-like root is inserted into the jawbone through a surgical procedure.

Fixed anchor offers greater stability and confidence

The problems of dentures or bridges falling out when eating is avoided as the implants are fully inserted into the jawbone and unlikely to move out of position. Patients gain back confidence to once again eat and socialise with others, with no thought of dentures falling out.

Aesthetically pleasing

Dental implants carry another huge advantage – that of a greater resemblance to natural teeth than other teeth restoration solutions. The fixed root-like device and crown offer the look and feel of that of a natural tooth.

Dental solution that fits in with an individual patient’s needs

Artificial tooth implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or accommodate the needs of a patient with a number of missing teeth. For the latter our dental practitioners will assess your dental needs and detail out an appropriate plan. Once a patient has a full set of teeth, they can again enjoy eating their favourite foods and improved speech function.

With desirable solutions such as dental implants available, why let the missing teeth hold you back from living a fulfilled life. Need a consultation with a qualified and experienced implant dental practitioner? UK Dental Specialists are staffed by dental practitioners who have earned the reputation for providing quality dental care to all of our patients with compassion and patience. We will be happy to provide you with a free smile assessment, contact us to find out more.