Why make Invisalign your first choice?


Adult patients are no longer restricted to just one choice in orthodontic appliances. Modern orthodontics have embraced different types of teeth-straightening appliances like Invisalign St. Albans that have found much favour with patients.

Modern orthodontics have introduced a number of developments that have changed perceptions about how patients see straightening teeth. Teeth straightening devices that are now available, like Invisalign St. Albans offered at UK Dental Specialists, ensure patients experience more comfort, the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of foods and the assurance that their orthodontic treatment will go largely unnoticed by others.

Ease and expediency are what many patients look for to simplify their time-constrained lives. Removable aligner-based braces answer to both objectives by making dental hygiene easier to maintain. Aligners are temporarily removed so that teeth can be brushed and flossed without hindrance.

What to know about Invisalign St. Albans


The Invisalign aligner-like design incorporates intuitive technologies to shift teeth into position. Patients are provided with a set number of custom-designed aligners made from smart, medical-grade plastic. Each aligner is made to exact specifications to advance teeth movement. What this type of technology achieves is beyond remarkable.

Oral hygiene

To be eligible for these incredible aligner-like braces, our dentist will have to first ensure complete dental health, because any underlying dental conditions could compromise the success of the treatment. Therefore, these conditions must first be addressed before progressing with the treatment.

Not many patients are aware that with straightening teeth, keeping teeth and gums healthy plays an indispensable role.

Straightening misaligned teeth is necessary for obtaining better oral hygiene. Patients will find that straightened teeth pose no brushing or flossing problems, as there is less chance of floss thread getting caught in between malocclusions.

Removable capabilities

Removable aligner trays are designed to be removed by the patient, although permissible only at certain times of the day. This prevents the patients from having to observe certain food restrictions while also making it easier for them to clean their teeth.

While patients can celebrate the fact that they are allowed to remove the trays, they must remain conscious of the fact that they need to wear the trays for them to work effectively and achieve the results that they want. For some patients, this means wearing the trays for a minimum of 22 hours a day, while others may have to wear them for only 20 hours. It is only a professional dental practitioner who can determine this time duration.

Comfortable fit

Since the trays are made of plastic material, it provides a more comfortable fit as this will not irritate the sensitive areas of the mouth.


This is another highly appreciated benefit of Invisalign, welcomed by adult patients in particular. The huge impact of aligner-like trays on one’s smile cannot be overvalued.

The path to starting an Invisalign treatment plan begins with a consultation with us at UK Dental Specialists.  We have a friendly dental team who will be happy to assess your orthodontic situation and smile goals to ensure you benefit from the right treatment plan.