Why should I consider trying Invisalign to straighten my teeth?


Dental practitioners have found that teeth-straightening through Invisalign in St. Albans has a wide range of positive effects on a patient’s oral, and overall physical and mental health. Patients have caught on how orthodontic treatments, of which Invisalign in St. Albans is a highly effective option, can influence and improve quality of life. Not only are dental problems such as overcrowding issues and crooked bites corrected, that improve biting and chewing functions, patients also benefit from the boost in self-esteem and not feeling awkward about their smiles.

It is so much easier for a patient to display a sunny disposition when they feel confident about how healthy their smile appears. The more confident you are in approaching and engaging with others, the easier it is for you to find those opportunities to advance in your career or expand your social circles.

Reasons Invisalign in St. Albans has become a must-have orthodontic treatment

The all-encompassing range of benefits offered by the Invisalign system that makes use of barely distinguishable retainer-like plastic trays are why this type of orthodontic treatment has caught the imaginations of so many patients.

  • Absence of metal wires and brackets

The Invisalign system incorporates a forward-thinking approach to correcting teeth alignment issues. Instead of wires and brackets to manipulate teeth into desired positions, patients are provided with clear plastic aligner trays that are simply inserted onto teeth. This type of orthodontic treatment plan consists of a patient having to wear a number of trays over an identified period of time with each tray in the series responsible for movements in teeth positioning.

  • No need to sacrifice the foods you love

When using conventional orthodontic methods to correct the appearance of teeth, patients more often than not have to give up certain foods that they love, to prevent damaging their orthodontic devices. With the transparent plastic aligner trays this challenge is removed, as patients do not have to have them in the mouth when eating. When receiving their orthodontic devices, patients are shown how to carefully remove them from the mouth and how to reinsert them again, which makes it possible for the trays to be removed before eating.

  • Oral hygiene regimes at home are easier to maintain

Patients using the aligner tray system can clean their mouths as normal, without the fuss of having to work around wires and brackets. Brushing and flossing teeth while wearing traditional dental braces can present a challenge for patients. Patients are advised to continue to be vigilant in their efforts to maintain their oral hygiene, as healthy teeth and gums are instrumental in the success of orthodontic treatment. Even though the aligner trays are removed before eating, bacteria can still accumulate in them, which is why these also need to be kept hygienically clean as per dental practitioner’s instructions.

  • Feel better about orthodontics without the embarrassment

Whereas in the case with traditional dental devices patients would feel self-conscious about how their receiving orthodontic treatment would look to others, the aligner trays are barely noticeable to others.

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