You can have perfectly aligned teeth with Invisalign


For people living with misaligned teeth, taking care of their oral health and hygiene needs can be a struggle, as the teeth, gums, and other areas of the mouth can be difficult to navigate with a toothbrush and this makes keeping the mouth clean hard work.

It is well recognised that many people with alignment issues will find they suffer from an increase in the number of dental health problems they experience in their lives, this makes them more likely to need the intervention of a dentist to treat common conditions such as gum disease, plaque build-up, or tooth decay.

If you are suffering from the negative effects that having misaligned teeth can cause, then you may want to consider having treatment to realign your teeth, as this will help to ease the effects of common dental issues upon your daily life. You may believe that tooth alignment treatment is not available for adults, but we can show you that this is not the case, as there are now new, modern treatments that are targeted directly at adults.

We, at UK Dental Specialists, believe you may want to consider a treatment such as Invisalign St Albans a possible solution, as this method will provide you with the results you require with the promise of discretion.

A modern treatment with modern thinking

Invisalign St Albans at our practice represents a totally new way of thinking when it comes to the best answer to providing tooth alignment treatment for adults living in a modern world. This is a treatment that has been developed with the needs and desires of you, the patient, in mind. If you are looking for a discreet alignment strategy that others will not be able to see when in place, then this may be the right treatment to meet your needs.

This modern aligner is made from layers of clear and durable plastic to form a device that fits over the teeth of the patient. The material used renders the aligner practically invisible once it is placed into position and makes it strong enough to perform the task it is purposed for, giving our patients the perfectly aligned teeth they desire.

The treatment course

If you are now considering this treatment option, you will first need to undergo a consultation with our dentist or orthodontist who will be able to advise you about the best way forward to meet your oral needs. At this consultation, your teeth and gums can be fully examined and assessed by our practitioner so a treatment plan can be created to meet your individual needs.

At this consultation scans and X-rays may be taken, as this will help our professional to create the aligners that will be used with your treatment.  Invisalign, St Albans, uses a series of devices over a period of twelve to eighteen months to slowly move your teeth into the perfect position in the mouth and to create perfect alignment between the upper and lower sets of teeth.

Once you have undergone this treatment you will notice a difference in the aesthetics of your smile, as well as in your oral health and hygiene standards. We have many patients who have expressed their happiness at the results this aligner has given them and we would love to help achieve your wished-for smile too.