You can replace any amount of teeth with dental implants


Many people think that getting dental implants St Albans is only for people who have lost all of their teeth or want to upgrade from dentures. Here at UK Dental Specialists we want to make everyone aware that we can replace their teeth with this treatment regardless of how many teeth they are missing or if it is just a single one. We believe that everyone deserves an even, full smile to be proud of because we know how insecure it can leave people feeling when they have gaps in their teeth. Sometimes teeth can fall out due to decay, but other times teeth could be knocked out in an accident, leaving you with a gap in your smile early on in life. Not being able to smile confidently and without thinking about it is something that people with missing teeth have to face on a daily basis, but in addition to this their ability to chew food may be impacted as well which can be very frustrating. If you have been tolerating a gap in your smile and have decided that it’s time to get it replaced then booking an appointment at our practice will allow you to have a consultation appointment and speak to one of our highly experienced practitioners to find out if this treatment could be beneficial to you.

Only six weeks until you’re smiling again

When you make the decision to get dental implants St Albans you will be making a bit of a commitment. You will have more than one appointment to attend before your teeth are completely restored, but once you have them if you take care of them properly you can expect them to last you up to or even longer than ten years, so they are extremely cost effective. After your consultation appointment you will know the exact details of your treatment, but you will need to have a certain amount of titanium screws inserted into your jawbone to act as the roots of your missing tooth or teeth. How many screws you need will rely heavily upon the treatment that you are having, but a whole mouthful of teeth can be replaced by using between four and twelve screws, so you will not always need one screw per tooth. Your mouth will take about six weeks to heal around the screws, and you will be left with posts protruding from your gums for your new teeth to attach to.

What type of appliance will you need?

When you attend your consultation appointment for getting dental implants St Albans your practitioner will discuss what appliance will be ideal for your situation. If you are only missing one tooth then a crown will be attached to the single screw that you had inserted into your jawbone. The crown will be matched as closely as possible to the colour of your other teeth, so it will blend in nicely and be difficult to spot. If you are having multiple teeth replaced then a bridge or a partial denture may be used. If you have several teeth missing in the same row but they have a remaining original tooth in the middle of them then you will require a bridge, as this offers support to your remaining tooth as well. People who are missing all of their teeth will be supplied with full dentures.