See if your dentist in St Albans can give you something to smile about


Brightening up your oral outlook

Here at UK Dental Specialists, we are a dentist in St Albans who takes immense pride in seeing our hard work and expertise pay off in the smiles of our patient’s.

We recognise the pressures and stresses of the past year and understand that your oral health may have suffered due to dental services being inaccessible for many of our patients.

However, as we emerge into a post-covid world, we’re delighted to be back doing what we do best (crafting beautiful smiles). We strongly advise anybody that thinks their oral wellbeing has felt the brunt of the pandemic and national lockdown measures to contact our approachable and understanding staff here at UK Dental Specialists today.

Our team of committed expert practitioners and specialists always focus their attention on treating each patient in a unique and tailored way that is moulded around their needs, wants and desires.

What does your dentist in St Albans offer?

Here at UK Dental Specialists, we believe that it is our duty as expert dental practitioners to treat the patient rather than one particular problem.

We mean that every course of treatment our dentist in St Albans provides is tailored to fit the patient’s needs and wants. Our practitioners offer a broad and varied range of dental treatments covering everything a patient could ever need or want. These include:

  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic orthodontics
  • Facial aesthetics
  • Dental hygienist treatments

Given the scope of the types of treatments we provide to our patient’s at UK Dental Specialists, we always recommend that you undergo a preliminary examination and consultation with one of our practitioners before you settle on one particular treatment route.

These initial consultations let our practitioners explain to patient’s what their treatment options are. They also allow the patient to clarify in their own words what they are hoping to achieve from treatment – or what their reasons for seeking dental help are in the first place.

What are dental implants?

One of the most challenging and distressing things that can happen to a patient of any age is losing a tooth. When this happens – whether through an accident or time – we urge you to seek out the help of our talented restorative dentist in St Albans as soon as possible.

In doing so, it’s possible to determine whether or not you are eligible for dental implants, which are a permanent and comfortable solution to lost teeth that will fully restore both how your teeth look and their functionality.

Dental implants work by being surgically embedded inside the patient’s jawbone in an almost identical way to how healthy adult teeth are attached. Rather than simply concealing the gap in your mouth, as dental crowns or bridges might, dental implants effectively give the patient an entirely new and fully functional tooth.

As minor surgical, dental procedures are needed to install dental implants permanently, not all tooth types or conditions will be eligible. This is because a patient’s gums and existing teeth must be healthy enough to allow the implant to be permanently bonded. For this reason, we always start our dental implant treatment with an examination and consultation.

If you’d like to discover whether dental implants could put a smile on your face permanently, then reach out to us here at UK Dental Specialists, and we’ll get the wheels in motion for creating your new, beautiful and functional smile.